Monday, August 20, 2012

5 Financial Tips to Get Extra Money

Most individuals have a few methods available to them for saving extra money, squeezing more dollars out of a simple investment, or paying less at the check stand. Some of these tricks can be difficult to put into action and a challenge to make a habit. However, by implementing several ways to stretch your budget, the accumulative savings over a decade or more can be staggering.
With so many families struggling to make ends meet, it is becoming clearer to most people that a long-term plan to save money is worth the time and effort required to put it in motion. Most of the simple ways to save a buck or two are indeed long-term, with the reward years away.

Participate in a Matching Contribution Retirement Plan

A SIMPLE IRA is a plan developed for business owners who have less than 100 employees. The idea is to give the small business a tax break by making their contributions exempt from federal tax. At the same time, employees match the employer contribution and are likewise exempt from taxation on their retirement fund.
SIMPLE IRAs can be a boon for employers and employees alike. The employer contributions are tax deductible because they are considered part of the company's expense account. The employee may obtain a distribution from the account at any time.
The account itself may earn a considerable amount of interest if the money is being invested properly by the administrating organization. If your employer offers a match and you are not taking advantage of it, you are missing out on a significant amount of money over time.

Collecting On Dividend Stocks

Basically, stock dividends are a portion of a corporation's earnings. These are paid on a regular basis to the company stockholders. The percentage of the company profits that are paid as dividends is directly connected to the current share price.
Dividend payments are separate and above any profit a shareholder would realize through the sale of the actual stock. Companies that regularly pay their shareholders quarterly or annual dividends are generally regarded as very stable in the financial sense. Dividend reinvestment plans allow shareholders to invest their payout directly back into the company stock, or you can take the dividend checks and build your savings that way.

Take Advantage Of Rebate Offers

Not all rebates are worth the trouble. Many people are aware of the post-retail mail-in system that supposedly results in a 10-20 percent rebate check, to be sent within six to eight weeks. The filling out of the rebate form - usually printed along with the receipt - is difficult to complete.
Crafty consumers shop online and search for companies offering instant cash rebates on the items they wish to purchase. There are even rebate coupon codes now circulating on the Internet. Some consumers spend about 30 minutes per day checking the current rebate offers, all of which are deducted from the purchase price. The savings can be substantial.

Discounts For Payment In Cash

Gas stations were once famous for offering the cash discount versus using a credit card. In those days, card processing was actually rather expensive. Today, cash discounts can still be found at certain retailers, and the electronic equivalent can be found on the Internet.
These discounts are not limited to retail purchases. Consumers should always check the various ways creditors and utility companies allow online payments. Some companies accept PayPal, debit card, credit card, automatic bank withdrawal, and payment by phone.
It is a sure bet that one of these payment methods will cost nothing in fees, while the others may charge up to $5.99 or more to use the feature.

Selling Goods On eBay Or Craigslist

The great thing about online selling is that individuals can obtain a very accurate profile of how well similar products are grabbing attention. Both eBay and Craigslist give the seller a good idea of what to expect as a top price or bid expectation. This type of selling goes on 24 hours a day, without the need for the seller to be monitoring the situation constantly.
If you have households items you are no longer putting to use, why not sell them for a fair price and pocket the money towards things you actually need?

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